Thursday, January 18, 2018
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I would like to suggest that if at all the police wants to give training to students, they must restrict this to class 11 and 12 students who are normally seen shooting through the roads at an uncontrollable speed, showing circus-like acrobatics to impress their friends. And they are seen doing this especially while passing in front of Girls schools and colleges.

I may inform the TI that among these teenagers there might be many who were given traffic tips when they were in junior classes. Let us recall the days when Traffic SP Uday Shankar Jaiswal used to go to schools with his team to impart tips to the kiddies. Those kiddies might have now become young teenagers who are now seen creating traffic pell-mell on busy roads. If that is so, it proves that any training given to tiny tots does not leave a lasting impression on their minds. They know that even if they were to follow the rules they will not be able to do so because those violating the rules, the adults, would silence them with a tight slap.
Moreover in schools such training camps divert the attention of the teachers. Hence it would be better if the traffic cops were to hold these training camps in traffic police lines. I may tell the TI that teachers do not need to be trained in traffic norms. Even students don’t because they will quote the latest developments in the field of traffic control from internet and shame them with their knowledge. But what these get-togethers on police campus can do is to instil fear in the minds of the students that if they break any law and are challaned, they might even have to go to jail. They must also tell them, as was once done by a former SSP, that if they are found indulging in rash driving and are riding without a license, they will straightaway be taken to the police lines and detained there till their parents or the college Principal comes to take them away after giving a guarantee that they will not repeat what they had done.
But there is another angle which has got nothing to do with traffic control! Malicious tongues tell me that some among the smart traffic personnel want these sessions in junior classes because they are taken care of by smart and pretty  lady teachers. These guys want to impress them with their personalities; and as one naughty reader pointed out, some of them cherish the hope that the lady teachers may invitingly tell them:’Dussehra is round the corner. Won’t you visit us on the Vijay Dashmi day?’ And they will probably say: ‘Oh on Dussehra we have double duty,,,but give me your phone number....’ (The TI may now say: ‘It is a case of imagination running amuck!’)

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