Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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rain water flood

Normally, the corrupt deeds of the contractors and their patrons in the administration might have gone unnoticed and they would have been enjoying the fruits of corruption by rolling in the wealth amassed through cornering of fabulous funds that were sanctioned to give a facelift to Allahabad for the Mahakumbh.

But alas! Heavy rains and floods came as a vengeance to expose their game. Had it been a normal monsoon year, nothing would have happened. The badly made-up roads would have successfully borne the brunt of scanty rains. The drains would not have been under scrutiny and a year or so would have rolled by. After that everything would have been forgotten.
But this time they sinned against a religious event that was coming after 144 years—the Maha Kumbh. How then could their Maha Fraud  go unnoticed if not unpunished? Isn’t it ironical that the roads built by the British 144 years ago, where not replaced or tampered with, are still intact   and forts made by Akbar and other  past  rulers still stand majestically, our own modern Mahakumbh structures, especially the flyovers have given way at places? The roads repaired for the Mahakumbh have reverted to their original battered form? Need I give instances to prove this? Those who committed this outrage  are sinners. They have sinned against the welfare of the city and should not be allowed to go unpunished. Where are the assurances that were given during the execution of these  works that those playing the fool with them would be dumped into the Ganga or will be severely punished if allegations are proved against them?
The broken, battered roads provide a glaring testimony to the corruption and mishandling done by all concerned. They should be brought to book. A Minister and a Principal Secretary, who were in the city were horrified to see the deplorable state of the roads. They have given 15 days to all concerned to set things right. Is that enough? No. The higher authorities should call for the records and find out who the officials concerned were at the time this blatant fraud was committed. If such a probe is not ordered and accountability not fixed, someone may seek the intervention of the High Court. And that could cause unnecessary embarrassment to even those honest bureaucrats who may right now be hesitant to intervene for fear of the wrath of those in the political setup with whose blessings if not connivance these Maha Frauds were committed.  They don’t want to be another Durka Shakti Nagpal.

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