Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Pradeep kumar And Kavi Pradeep

Pradeep Kumar, our new Municipal Commissioner has taken over and some say that he has been bestowed with a Crown of Thorns and that uneasy will lie the head that wears the (municipal) crown, that too close to the festive season which the Safai karmcharis regard as the most opportune time to blackmail the Government with their list of unending demands.

But Pradeep is optimistic that he will tide over the teething troubles. I must confess that the troubles are very challenging. But if he thinks he can manage the angry staff, we will wish him all the best. Pradeep has assured that he would be doing his best to ensure good civic arrangements during the festival season. I may tell him that in addition to Dussehra and Durga Puja, we also have Bakrid in the offing; and the cleanliness in the localities dominated by the minorities should also receive top priority. I would not be exaggerating if I say that there is general impression prevailing among the minorities that their areas are neglected and that even during their leading festivals their localities can be seen wallowing in filth and muck.
And keeping the city clean, though a top item on the priority list, is not the only major demand of the citizens. A bigger demand is for regular supply of clean water which right now is a distant dream in a large number of areas including the posh localities of the city. And this is the peak time when such demands are made. When winter advances the demand for water will certainly go down. But even then things are seldom set right because the staff heaves a sigh of relief as nagging by the citizens goes down. But I think winter time should be utilized for attending to the repair work of the damaged pipelines. Jal Nigam or Jal Kal or Jal Sansthan will have to be pulled up. Will Pradeep do that?
Now you will wonder why I have clubbed Pradeep Kumar with Kavi Pradeep. This is because there was another Pradeep Kumar who was a hero; and Kavi Pradeep wrote several conscience-jolting songs. One of these was, ‘Dekh tere sansar ki halat kya ho gai Bhagwan, kitna badal gaya insaan’. I would like to amend this a little and address it to Pradeep: ‘Dekh tere Prayag ki haalat kya ho gai Shreeman..’  

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