Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Coin Shortage

I read a report the other day that vegetable vendors in the market have started the new business of  minting money by not returning small change, saying that they do not have it. I would suggest that the customers should meet this threat by sheer intelligence. Before placing an order, let them first note down the rates of different vegetables. Then in keeping with those rates they may decide the quantity to be purchased so that the total comes to a round figure and there may be no need for a change.

This  has been a common practice resorted to by some grocers. When a grocer tried this trick with me by offering me toffee I refused it and asked him to reduce an item in the order list so as to bring the total  to a round figure. I even deleted an item from the order list. He hadn’t bargained for that and so returned the required change to me which did not include rupee coins but also fivers. 
At a small shop selling eggs and bread, biscuits and other snacks, the seller used to play a nasty trick by compulsorily  offering toffees instead of coins. That way he would dispose of toffees. But there was a diabetic patient who refused to accept the toffee. He left the entire bundle and asked for refund. Facing an unusual customer he gave him the change.
In another interesting case, while I stood at a shop that was selling small provisions, a customer came. He made the purchases. The shop keeper asked him to pay Rs 38. He expected him to give him Rs40 and then he would have given him two rupees in the form of toffees. But the man was extra smart. He paid him three ten-rupee notes, one five rupee coin and for the three-rupee balance he  gave him three toffees. The shop keeper looked at him stunned. The customer said: ‘Why are you startled? If you can pay me the balance in toffees why can’t I pay you back in toffees too and thus pay you back in your own coins?’ Promptly the shopkeeper told him: ‘All right you give me four ten-rupee notes and I will return three rupees.’ So that was that!.

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