Sunday, February 25, 2018
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school girl dress

The President of the Hamidia Girls Inter College, Mrs Rashida MZ Khan, instructed school girls to strictly follow the dress code and come to  study in school uniform as these would keep them safe. That is indeed very true. Few shady characters would have the guts to play mischief with a girl in school uniform. Much has been said and written on dress code for girls, some preaching strictness and some pleading for a liberal attitude by allowing them to put on jeans and frocks or even come scantily dressed. But in a conservative city, especially when the school is located in the heart of the city, some sort of caution has to be exercised. Girls may wear their favourite dresses when they go out with their parents or friends.

But there is the other side too. And this is being propagated by ‘Gunjan’, a character in the ‘Sapne suhane larakpan ke’ on ZEE TV (Mon-Fr 7.30pm) She is regularly appearing in a TV promo and saying : ‘I wear jeans and you wear salwar. But aren’t we both on the target list of rapists?’   What she might be trying to say is that when drunkards abduct girls from the roadside, they don’t see her dress. They pick even the most poor and backward young girl because they don’t go after fashion and dresses. They want to indulge in physical excesses.
And our reader Shamsher Singh, on learning of Mrs Khan’s comments, said, ‘I would like my esteemed Madam to just go through a recent report in which two girls of Allahabad, who went to school in uniform, carried normal dresses in their bags too.  They wore them and were flirting with not two but four undergraduate teenagers when they were caught. The girls were handed over to their parents who were aghast to see them perform this trick of changing dresses midway. Shamsher Singh says, ‘I won’t suggest that. But it is quite likely that after the wide coverage given to the report some school authorities may like to daily search the bags of the senior girls to confirm that they are not carrying alternative dresses.’ With a malicious tinge Shamsher adds: ‘I don’t want to say this but my friend Rajiv Dave who runs a school I am told, will say that smart girls don’t have to bring alternative dresses because their boyfriends bring these as ‘gifts’ to celebrate their get-together’.

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