Saturday, February 17, 2018
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It was indeed rather surprising to find Nagar Nigam staff becoming active at night to raid the footpaths and clear them of the tables and chairs spread there by eating houses serving delicacies from gumtis  on encroaching the Government land in Civil Lines. But this was by chance. 

Actually outgoing Municipal Commissioner R.Vikkram Singh was coming out of a restaurant after enjoying a farewell party when he noticed these encroachments all around. Thence started the anti-encroachment drive. If this practice is resorted to more frequently then the general impression among the encroachers that after 5pm there would be no anti-encroachment drive would be dispelled and the fear of the squad arriving any time of the day would keep them away or on tenterhooks all the time.
A Nagar Nigam official says that the gumti owners had been asked in the evening itself to remove their structures. Since they ignored the orders the raids had to be conducted and the illegal gumtis uprooted.
There is no doubt that if such night operations are conducted the fear of a raid any time would in all likelihood reduce the scourge of encroachments in Civil Lines.
I may also suggest that a similar exercise should be conducted in other areas too. In fact my suggestion would be to go in for morning swoops. If squads are posted  at the footpaths, say on Leader Road where temporary workshops shoot up to occupy the entire walking space, the petty shopkeepers out of fear will not open their shops on the footpaths. Some of these shops are nothing but extensions from the rented shops. In the past such encroachments were removed from almost everywhere. But the encroachers came back because  there was hardly any follow-up action.

Pradeep’s  first success

new nagar ayukt1
New Municipal Commissioner Pradeep Kumar seems to have 
 have breathed in fresh air into the working of the Nagar Nigam. The calling off of the strike by the Safai workers on the eve of the Navratra festival can be regarded as a major triumph. But he must now ensure that the city gets a clean look. He may also give a thought to the need for introducing night duty to remove garbage from crowded areas. This would help in felicitating faster work as at night there would be no traffic to halt the pace of the garbage removers. Moreover, trolleys of school kiddies won’t be around to breathe in the foul dust-mixed air left behind by the garbage lifting machines.

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