Thursday, January 18, 2018
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inhi logo ne lia duppata mera

There is no doubt that the lull in the flesh trade, forced by police raids, is causing as much loss to the Madams running the brothels as to those cops who were getting a share of the earnings from the sex trade.

I  was told the other day that a press report had appeared according to which some women of the red light area have filed cases against the police for preventing them from pursuing their lawful trade of singing and dancing. Those who read the news item were having a good laugh. They were saying gone are the days when people used to go to the Kotha to listen to a Saheb Jaan singing, ‘Inhin logon ne le leena dupatta mora’ because nowadays Kothas are no longer the jaunts of dance and music. Now people can see and enjoy the best of music on their TV sets or see movies or buy CDs of classical dancing.

According to another rambler, these girls, who have hardly been in the flesh trade for a couple of months and years, couldn’t be knowing about the law that differentiates between flesh trade and singing trade. He  wondered whether the girls who have filed the case know singing and dancing at all!

 Do they have tabla-walas and sarangi-walas  on the Kothas any more? If all the time these ill-fated women are forced into the flesh trade, from where do they get the idea of the law that could enable them to pursue their profession by pretending that they were merely singing and dancing?  The only conclusion one may draw is that the cash-starved cops in the Red Light area must have asked the girls to file cases against the police department so that the senior officers may order ceasefire  on the line of actual control. I listened to what was said but made no comments. What do you think? Could the police be briefing the girls to challenge the system in court? Or else who gave them the idea to go to court? 

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