Thursday, January 18, 2018
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rain flood

I don’t know what the weather department will have to say. But I feel that the parting kick by monsoon has been the severest of all the thunderbolts and cloudbursts our city has hitherto endured this season. We have been facing inclement weather for over a week now. We did have heavy to very heavy rains but the duration would usually be short. There used to be intervals. The rain would subside giving sufficient time to the people to proceed with their daily routine. But what began on Friday afternoon was something terrifying. It rained cats and dogs round 3 pm first. Then the showers subsided and all was quiet enabling people to stir out.

  But round 7pm or so the rain came back with full  vengeance, as if warning us that it was here to stay. But there was yet another pause barely for  about 10 minutes or so. And then possibly began the deluge. It seemed as if the Rain God had imposed night curfew on the city. Even if there were special pass holders authorized by the DM and SSP to move freely at will, they  were prevented from stirring out. I presume the officials too must have been confined to their homes with their families thanking the Rain God for giving them this rare opportunity of a forced family get-together.
The rain went on and on. I woke up round 1am. It was raining. I again got  up round 2am thinking I had heard a knock at my door. But no. That was a tin-shed which fell from an under-construction house nearby. It was raining fast. And since the drops falling on the tin-shed were making extra noise, I could realize that the showers were unrelenting in their fury. At 3am again I got up with a jolt, only to find that rain drops were lashing at our window, the wind having changed its direction. My ceiling fan was giving a wheezing sound. Apparently water had leaked from the ceiling into the cap of the fan. Soon it started revolving in the reverse. That was the time I switched off the fan. 

rain flood allahabad

The rain continued at 4am. At 5am the situation was no better. Torrential rain continued till 7am, 8am....9am .No milk, no newspaper, no servant, no sweeper. They were presumably all trapped in their waterlogged areas. In Civil Lines at least there was no power cut. ‘How has this miracle happened?’ asked our veteran broadcaster Raja Zutshi. I told him: ‘Perhaps the man who enforces emergency power cuts during rain has been caught in his marooned house and could be waiting for a boat to row him to the sub-station’. That was said in exaggeration. But Raja told me that he had just received a phone call from his son-in-law in Alopi Bagh who told him that the ground floor of their house was under water and that they had perched themselves on the upper storey. He said during the recent renovation drive the level of the roads  in Alopibagh was raised so high that water now flows into the houses which were built when the road level was much lower.
Around 9.15am I received a distress call from Principal(retd) Mrs Gyan Kumari Ajeet who said that their house in Tagore town has been flooded and that the rain water  had entered their rooms, making things miserable for them. She feared the water pumping sets were not functioning and wanted to know if I could contact someone to ask them to energize the pumps. It told her that I will try but there was virtually no possibility that the people concerned would respond because on such occasions they usually put off their phones. This must be the tale of horror in almost all the houses in low lying areas of the city. And after the rain, slippery roads, made worse by the slush and slime, could be leading to several casualties for the injury list as even expert riders and drivers may not be able to safely steer through the waterlogged areas without the risk of slipping and tripping badly.

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