Sunday, February 25, 2018
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aniforce no-milk-today 

The non-stop rain on Saturday morning for several hours threw domestic routine out of gear. The wife was grumbling. “There is no milk. Go and get the pouches from the crossing’. The husband was saying: ‘But how can I go? The scooter ‘s engine will fail’.

She said, ‘Go on foot’. He said: ‘And what will happen to my shoes? They will be ruined’. She said, ‘Take my wooden kharaon and wade through or else you will get milkless tea’. The husband says, ‘What if I wear your kharaon and stir out only to find that the shop has not opened because the grocer’s house has been marooned too? And even if the shop is open, what is the guarantee that the milk pouches were delivered by the manufacturing company? When newspaper hawkers are unable to come, how do you expect milk vendors to be around?’ She replied, ‘Then have black tea’.
The children woke up gleefully. Every morning the mother has to pull them out of the bed. But now they were jumping out and shouting, “Hurrah, it is rainy day. Thank God. We’ll escape the frowning look of our teacher. She comes to class as if her husband has nagged her thoroughly  before she stirred out. She is pouring all her frustration and anger on us’.
But children too would miss their playfield and sunshine. I remember when I was a school kid, we children used to shout in a chorus, ‘Rain, rain go to Spain, never come back again’. But today  I can only recall an appeal by Lata to the clouds(made in a song in film ‘Prithviraj Chauhan), ‘Na, na barso badal’ because it would seem totally out of place to recall the Mukesh number, ‘Barkha rani, zara jam ke barso...’

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