Saturday, February 17, 2018
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parking flood

Those who are constructing palatial buildings with underground space for parking or any other purpose were horrified to find on Saturday that the entire place was flooded with rain water. Provisions made for soak pit and linkage with sewer lines also went haywire with rain water inundating the entire underground space including cellars, if any.

If indeed this rainfall had broken a 119-year old record for October then what else could one expect except horrifying results?  Whether this water bashing has weakened the foundations of the multi-storey complexes under construction   is difficult to say. But  the authorities concerned will have to be extra cautious before issuing an NOC (no-objection certificate)to clear these buildings for residential or shopping purposes. Had the rain waters not entered the premises to flood the underground space, the whole edifice, if constructed in accordance with mandatory norms, would have been a solid structure. But now whether that is so or not will need a close scrutiny. It would be too much to expect that the authorities concerned will, on their own, conduct an immediate survey to find out which new and under-construction buildings had to suffer the onslaught of rain water. But the higher authorities in the ADA should wake up to the need for carrying out such inspections on an emergency basis. The rain-hit buildings under construction should be marked and their safety be authenticated before the NOC is issued. In case experts have to issue suggestions for ensuring foolproof safety, these must be issued now so that at a later date we don’t have to hear about building collapses that could lead to ghastly consequences.
Incidentally, now is also the time to have a look at the old multi-storey buildings in the heart of the city. In Mumbai such buildings have collapsed. Before that happens, the authorities should go round and mark the buildings that are in a dilapidated condition and alert the occupants to move out and return only when necessary repairs have been carried out and the structures declared safe for habitation.

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