Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Girls Voilence

It is rare to see girls turning violent. But this rare scene was witnessed at a local Girls Degree College where the promised laptops had not arrived. It seems that the original plan was to carry the girls to the Parade Ground where a separate enclosure had been readied for them. However  the Rain God intervened. That portion of the parade  was full of water. So the girls were asked to stay back and that their laptops would be distributed on the college premises.

But it seems there was some communication gap. And when neither were they taken to the Parade ground nor the lap-tops delivered to all, the girls became furious. They went on rampage, says a report—breaking window panes of the Roadways buses. They picked up flower pots and started hurling them to damage the college property as well.
This was indeed  tragic. The pity was that girls had been asked to sign receipts that they had received the laptops. This was done in advance as there was no question of the laptops not being distributed. Somehow the girls were pacified with assurances. There was utter confusion elsewhere too. But I guess the weather uncertainties had made confusion worse confounded.  The most shocking part was that several laptops were stolen too. The receivers had apparently not been careful enough to ensure their safety. Hoodlums around must have been looking for a chance when the tired recipient would keep the load by his side to pause and rest. That must have been the time when the laptops were stolen.
There were some wagging tongues which were saying that this report about thefts could just be a ruse, a bluff so as to get a duplicate set. In the past there were reports that many students did not need a laptop because they already had one at home. They were selling these to selected shops who were reselling them at twice the rate. This is what was rumoured. How far these rumours were true cannot be said though wagging tongues say that sometimes rumours do prove to be true, but only when a person is caught indulging in a malpractice. Anyway, it would be not out of place to suggest that the college authorities should introduce some checks and balances to ensure that the laptops received from the Chief Minister have not been sold off.

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