Sunday, February 25, 2018
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DM Rajshekhar, conscious of the various problems that might be confronted by the Laptop recipients has announced that special control room has been opened for those who may be having any specific complaints. There may be many students who have not received their laptop. There may be some others  who fight have discovered some technical snag in the laptops received by them. They need not panic. Neither have they to rush from pillar to post, chase this officer or that. All that they need to do is to ring up the  two control  numbers 0532-2548811 & 2548822 and register their complaints.  Some laptops were not delivered as the numbers did not tally. The DM assured on Sunday that those who did not receive their laptops will get them within three days , apparently till Wednesday.I am sure the boys and girls will welcome this announcement by the DM and those agitated will calm down.
The District Magistrate says that between 18th and 26 October, laptops will be distributed in different tehsils in serial order. The DM has reiterated that any one finding any fault in his lap top should contact the control room.


Principal’s grand gesture

Principal Rehana Tariq of the Hamidia Girls Degree College’s grand gesture on the laptop distribution day cannot go unnoticed. It so happened that the number of laptops received by the college fell short by just a few. Among those who did not get one was a girl from a very poor family. She was weeping and  wailing and was inconsolable. MsRehana assured her that she would be getting her piece soon but she would just not stop weeping. Rehanaji was so moved  that she gave the girl her own laptop and told her to return it when she gets her own. ‘If you don’t get one, you keep mine’. Isn’t that rare!  



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