Sunday, February 25, 2018
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new home secretry

The Patrika welcomes the appointment of Amrit Abhijat as the new Home Secretary of the UP Government. This is because when he was posted in Allahabad as the District Magistrate he was very sensitive to the complaints flashed in the Press. And I have very pleasant memories.

Even when I had not met him or spoken to him, he would be taking note of the comments made. If there was a complaint about stray cattle in the city he would instruct the official concerned to take immediate steps. I once wrote that the official concerned was flouting the DM’s orders because right under the nose of the collectorate stray cattle were loitering on Kutcherry Road. You can imagine the rest. Once his PRO rang me up to find out which was the patch of road that I had found unusable because the DM(then acting as Nagar Ayukta too) was going to inspect the roads. And the Rotarians must be recalling how he took up the issue of building a urinal outside Alfred Park. ‘Who will maintain it?’ asked Amrit Abhijat. He told them, ‘If you can take the responsibility of maintaining it, I can have it constructed immediately’. Dr Saad Usmani told me about this incident.
  Mr Abhijat  discovered me by chance when his PRO told him, ‘Sir that’s Rover’. And instantly he rushed to me disrupting his schedule for a few minutes.I subsequently met him along with the then SSP Vijay Meena at late Sunit Vyas’s residence where the then Chief Secretary Yogendra Narain (an Allahabad product and a close friend of mine) was being welcomed. He joined the then Commisioner Lalit Verma in inviting me to speak on the then released  Master Plan.
I am writing this to say that he was a person who took newspaper comments very seriously once he was convinced that the comments were coming from someone who has no axe to grind. We wish him all success in his new assignment. 

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