Saturday, February 17, 2018
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furious girls

On  Monday I chanced to board a tempo not realizing that I would be surrounded by fiery girls . It was a rare experience. Girls to my right, Girls to my left and Girls in front ‘volleyed and thundered’ against their Principal who had threatened to expel them when ‘we merely asked her to give us the lap tops that were due to us’. These girls asked me, ‘Do you know a journalist?’ I said, ‘I am a journalist’. Frowns turned into friendly smiles and they freely poured forth wordy venom against their Principal. One of them said, ‘She is behaving as if she is supplying the laptops from her own pockets’. She told them, ‘Akhilesh ka handsome chehra dekh liya, kaafi hai, ab ghar jao’. The girls said, ‘Would you believe this? This Hitler of a  Principal slapped one girl so badly that she had to be hospitalized.’  The girls said, ‘And do you know what she said: “Don’t leak it to the press or else the college will be defamed”

And while they were talking with me, they continued to receive frantic telephone calls: ‘Where are you?’ The girls turned to me and  , ‘Where are we?’ I told her the location. ‘We are half way and will soon be reaching there’. ‘Come soon’ the voice at the other end said. ‘Where are you headed for?’ I asked the girls. They replied, ‘We are going to Kutcherry to demonstrate’. And they said, ‘We don’t care if you publish the name of our college. That shrew is going to issue expulsion orders against us anyway’. She told us the name of the college and also said that  they were among those who had smashed the window panes of 10 buses, hurled flower pots and caused rest of the damage’. Now Madam Principal if you ask me to identify them I can’t—because they had fully masked their faces!

I told them, ‘Why don’t you ring up the complaints? They have given two special numbers for  Laptop complaints’. The talkative among them said, ‘We have given a ring not once but umpteen times but both the numbers have not been responding. The numbers have apparently been switched off ’. I don’t know which two numbers they tried. But I do hope that District Magistrate Raj Shekhar will make note of this to pull up the Helpline staff. He may try those numbers himself—but on some other phone, not his own.

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