Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Allahabad damage roads

The Navratras are on. Ramdal processions have started too. But several of our roads continue to present a dilapidated look. The minister’s warning some 20 days ago that roads should be fully repaired within 15 days has not worked at all.

The apologists will say that the recent, record-smashing rains upset the repair and maintenance plans. That may or may not be true. But even if final touches couldn’t be given, at least the pits and potholes should have been filled up and levelled. The tarring process could have waited for the inclement weather to pass. But even that seems to have not been done. Both the PWD and the Nagar Nigam as well as other agencies involved should share the blame for this. At places the broken patches are very dangerous, especially the ones in the centre of the Khusraubagh over-bridge and one near the Junction Railway station crossing on Leader Road. Who will provide us relief? 

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