Saturday, February 17, 2018
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ramdal allahapur

I wish to appeal to all Ramlila Committees to ensure that the Ramdal processions are taken out at the earliest. I recall the good old days of 1960-70ies when Ramdals used to strictly start round 5.30pm .In Civil Lines we would return home by 9pm  after seeing the elephant carrying Ram-Sita  receiving flowers and tiny bouquets from the public..

I recall the Katra Ram Dal. It would start on time, move slowly and by 8.30pm-9pm, it used to reach the Laxmi Talkies crossing in glorious splendour with maximum crowds greeting the tableaux. Children would enjoy the fun and were not asleep on the shoulders of their parents as today. In Chowk the Pajawa would pass by the Kotwali side round  4.30pm. I used to rush from the press to have a glimpse. On Combined Dal night too  both the Dals would complete their journey round 10pm giving the public enough time to go to Vishambar, Motimahal, Rupbani and Prem Talkis(Ajanta)cinema halls  to enjoy two or three old movies on one ticket and then come out at dawn to witness the Singhaar Chowkie.
Those days have evaporated in thin air. It would indeed be thoughtful on the part of the administration to announce some special prize for the Dal that adheres to the timings, as was done in olden days. Can we expect that?

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