Saturday, February 17, 2018
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new home secretry

The other day, while welcoming Amrit Abhijat as the new Home Secretary of UP we had published his picture too. We received several phone-calls to say that the person in the picture was not Amrit Abhijat. They are right, but only partially.

This is because in the picture published it is not Amrit Abhijat as he looks today but Amrit Abhijat as he looked yesterday – presumably at the time of joining the services. This picture was published along with details about his career when he was District Magistrate of Agra. And that picture, till the other day,  was not taken off from the website. It has been there for long and would have been removed had it been wrong.  To end the confusion we are publishing both his pictures today—Amrit Abhijat as he looked when he was an eligible bachelor and   Amrit Abhijat as he looks today, the seasoned administrator and  winner of several battles on  many fronts! I may say that he has a very good sense of humour. That was so when he was posted in Allahabad. Some one told me that in his youthful picture he is clean shaven. But now he has moustaches. He can answer why that is so. But I recall that when Shammi Kapoor started acting in films, initially, in films like ‘Rail Ka Dibba’ he wore moustaches and looked very serious.  Then he shaved off his moustaches- and became a superhit with ‘Junglee’ ! I am sure you wouldn’t like Amrit Abhijat to follow the Shamian style!   

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