Thursday, January 18, 2018
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The announcement of voluntary retirement from first class cricket by  Little Master Sachin Tendulkar, though expected, was not foreseen so soon. But it was generally believed that he has chosen the right moment to depart—when he is still the hero of everyone’s heart. But there is no doubt that every one was clean bowled by this sudden announcement.

As Raja Zutshi the veteran broadcaster, who covered the Asian Games in China, told Patrika: ‘One thought that he may make that announcement after playing the 200th Test. At the same time there was also the possibility that he may score a memorable century in this appearance to make it a landmark achievement—and then postpone his retirement’. He said, ‘I cannot forget those days when TV hadn’t picked up yet and people still depended on radio commentaries. Sometimes for local compulsions we had to take off the commentary which would continue on short-wave channels. That was the time when people having transistor sets with no short-wave provision would persistently keep on ringing us at the radio station: “What’s Sachin’s score? Please let us know “. He says it was quite a nightmare. Phone calls would come one after another  and they would  mechanically tell the score. Once when a phone=call came, Raja responded: ‘ Sachin is at 99’. The voice at the other end  said‘ I am not  asking for the score. I am your wife and want to know when   you are coming home for lunch’.
There is no doubt that Sachin had endeared himself to even those who had no love for cricket. One reader  says: ‘ Immediately after his retirement news, Online survey by London Telegraph showed that Sachin is right on top with Bradman and Lara trailing behind’
K.P.Singh of Naini remarked: ‘Sachin was loved because of his unblemished record. He did not chase honours. They came to him. He gave up captaincy because he wanted to concentrate on his game. It is he who recommended Dhoni for the post. He was involved in no scandal.’ Tendulkar leaves behind many milestones, many records  to inspire cricket players all over the world. Will his records ever be broken? Sachin said in this regard: ‘I would be happy if my records are broken by Indian cricketers’. Sachin will be missed on the cricket field. But he should now have the time to make more frequent appearances in the Rajya Sabha and play his due role as an MP too.  Incidentally, many of his   fans  would like to know: Will the Government now honour him  with the Bharat Ratna award?

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