Thursday, January 18, 2018
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mr commissionor jal sansthan

We wrote the other day, ‘Jal Sansthan refuses complaint on phone’ and had requested the Commissioner to intervene. Apparently that was done because the reply sent to us by Jalkal Vibhag  mentions at the bottom of the letter: “Copy to Commissioner, Allahabad Division, for information’.

 I thank Commissioner Shri Kumar Kamlesh for the prompt attention. In the past we have written a hundred times  about the poor water supply in the city and requested the Jal Sansthan to promptly rectify the mistake. They have invariably turned a deaf ear. Our appeal to the Commissioner has worked.
The letter from the General Manager Mr R.B.Singh reveals that they do have a helpline number- 9415125023 which works round the clock. From April  2013 till October 10, they have recorded 2625 telephonic complaints from the public  and action has been taken on them, he says. So far so good. But what he says next is worth noting. He says that it is often seen that some consumers lodge their complaint about not getting the supply of drinking water and demand tanker supply. But they use it for other personal work like laying  a slab. He adds that likewise some consumers take the plea that sewer line is overflowing and thereby call for the  sewer cleaning machine but utilise it for having their own soak-pits cleaned. That way they evade paying the charges fixed for tanker supply and soak-pit  cleaning. Well, Mr Singh, I condemn all those who may be cheating the Jal Kal Vibhag that way.
But here a very important administrative point arises. If an individual demand is being made for a tanker supply, whether written or orally on phone, what is the guarantee that the writer or the caller  is speaking the truth? Even if a complaint is received in  an individual’s  name in writing, what is the guarantee that the signatory is not fake?  How can thus a written complaint be regarded as authentic unless it is verified?
My answer to this is simple. Before undertaking so much of botheration—and then being duped—wouldn’t it be better to first send a Jal Kal representative for an on-the-spot checking to  find out  whether or not the complaint is genuine? That will ensure that the department is not cheated. It is amazing that they can spend an enormous lot by carting a tanker or a sewer machine to the spot without confirming in advance through staff verification  about the genuineness of the demand.
What is more, the General Manager says that the person who complained that his complaint was not noted or that action not taken is not correct. Mr Singh, let me tell you. That I personally verified from the gentleman as late as on Saturday morning (9.50am) whether his supply had been restored. He replied in the negative. Has the GM verified it or given one-sided judgement? Let me give his name and phone number too. Mr Afzal Ahmed, advocate, 32 Elgin Road(facing Girls High School). His phone Number is 919335122015.  If the Jal Kal vibhag can rush a peon with a letter, surely someone can ring up this number and confirm whether water supply has been restored or not! I won’t be surprised if the harassed advocate goes to the court. Then alone the results would be electrifying.

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