Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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In this connection let me  recall another story. The victim of Jal Sansthan’s stubborn attitude was none else than the former Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court, the late Mr Shashi Kanta Verma who had also officiated as UP’s Governor.

After retirement, he received a bill from Jalsansthan which was highly inflated. Mr Justice Verma showed them all the documents to prove that the Jal Sansthan had made a mistake. But they would just not listen. Mr Justice Verma rang me up and asked me to immediately meet him. Incidentally he too lived on Elgin Road. I reached his residence immediately. He showed me all the documents after glancing through which it was crystal clear that all past payments had been made. But the department would not yield. Mr Justice Verma told me:’I have called you to just show you how this department works. You need not publish anything because I am filing an appeal in the High Court tomorrow and then they will come bending on their knees’. And this is precisely what happened.
What my reading of the situation is that this harassment takes place at the clerical stage. They could be giving their own version to their bosses and the bosses might be accepting that without personal verification. This seems to be happening in other cases too especially where such delays enable the intermediaries to extort some ‘suvidha shulk’
Helplines may be there. But how can we be sure that all calls are received? The GM says that they received 2625 complaints on phone between April 13 and October 10 this year. But how can he be sure that the number of calls made was not 10,000 and that in other cases the phone was not picked or the mobile kept switched off?

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