Sunday, February 25, 2018
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murti visarjan

Last year the High Court  imposed a ban on immersion of idols in the Ganga and Jamuna   but on the request of the local administration had given a grace period of one year to make alternative arrangements for idol immersion.

  The administration failed to do so when it had full one year to look for an alternative site.  Isn’t it shocking ? They  have wasted a year’s time. What were they doing? Their pet excuse will be: ‘We were busy with the Kumbh Mela works.’ They might have been forgiven if the Mela works had indeed given a facelift to the city. On the contrary the pre-Mahakumb works turned the city from bad to worse. How can there be any sympathy for the administration? One year time is enough for a person to go round the world ten times. And yet here we are, the administration couldn’t go round the city even once when it had full 12 months at its disposal. I would also like to say a word to the organizers. They too should have kept on pressing the administration right from the beginning to select alternative sites. This might have proved effective. Some people may come in defence of the administration and say that frequent and quick transfers of senior officers disrupt the continuity of work. Often the link is missed by the successor who might not even be knowing that his predecessor was there at the time when the High Court was given an assurance. That goes to show that what should be done on priority basis for all new officers is to call for all the important events of the recent past, all the court directives so that they are not caught napping. It is easy for some sages to say that since the High Court has imposed the ban the idols should be placed in front of the Court. Nothing could be more shocking if not contemptuous than this. If at all they should think of placing these idols anywhere, they should look for the administrative officers who gave that undertaking to the court and did not fulfil it; and then place the idols there and ask them to help them take these to the nearest spot where immersion is permissible. But this was by the way. The administration has been given time till today to advertise in the Press about the alternative sites. Whether they abide even by this directive remains to be seen. They are said to have chosen Ganga Lake in Phaphamau as an alternative immersion site. But they should publicize it. Meanwhile the High Court bench of Mr Justice Ashok Bhushan and Mr Arun Tandon deserve to be applauded for taking a strict and correct stand on the issue.

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