Thursday, January 18, 2018
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cough syrup

The other day the RPF  confiscated around 650 bottles of fake cough syrup from Allahabad railway junction. That was indeed good work. Various comments were made. But one vital point was missed. Why were only bottles of cough mixture being smuggled? Why not other vital drugs?

The answer may not be far to seek. These cough mixtures have alcohol content and liquor addicts consume these syrups to get the required kick. The smugglers know this. I have been stating in the past that before selling empty bottles of cough syrups the householder should scratch the labels because if these are left intact, the scrap dealers manage to sell them not as scrap but as bottles that can be used for marketing spurious drugs.
I recall an interesting incident, as was reported in the press some years ago. A young man went to a chemist shop on Leader Road where customers can make purchases by standing on the road itself. This young man asked for a bottle of a popular  cough syrup. That was shown to him. He asked to be shown some more bottles of different products. As while the shopkeeper was looking on the shelf for these, the young man quietly took out a bottle of  of the same brand from his pocket. It was filled with water. He quietly placed that on the counter and pocketed the original stuff. The shopkeeper said, ‘I don’t have it right now. But I can get it from a neighbour. The youth told him, ‘Please do so. In the meanwhile I will make some purchases and return to pick this bottle as well as the others’. It was much later that the shopkeeper realized that the bottle did not contain the original stuff but had been filled up with water. It was then revealed that drug/liquor  addicts were fond of these cough mixtures!


Rotarian ill

Veteran and popular Rotarian P.K.Agarwal,   bed-ridden for several days, has now fallen  a victim to acute viral fever. He was shifted to Heartline but his heart was found to be  fit and strong. However , after various tests it was discovered that he is suffering from Jaundice – Hepatitis-B. His son, Rtn Anil told me on phone  that he is back home and they are now waiting for the viral infection to pass off and also praying that there is no secondary infection.
We wish him speedy recovery. Needless to say he has been a regular visitor to NIP office and a popular contributor to our columns since a long, long time. And we hope this association will continue for a long, long time more.

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