Thursday, January 18, 2018
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police cap

A report on Wednesday morning said that 14 districts in UP will have Police Commissioners and Allahabad will be one of them. The designation is both impressive and awe-inspiring.

But the point is: Will he be able to deliver the goods with the type of grassroots cops that he will have—cops who in many cases owe allegiance to politicians than to their bosses, who protect the criminals and torture the complainants and who, because of their partisan approach, are these days being thrashed by the public-a very disquieting trend? A Wednesday report  revealed that bootleggers attacked members of a special crime branch in Shivkuti, Allahabad. In Pratapgarh police were attacked and the accused freed by mob and in  Manauri, on Dussehra day,  cops were thrashed by the public.
Why is this happening? There was a time when even a single cop was sighted from a distance by a crowd, the people used to quietly disperse. Today even if cops go in dozens they are attacked. Why? Obviously because people are fed up watching them extort money from truck-men, vegetable vendors, fruit sellers, tea-stalls and dhabas! Can such people be respected? But those like Digvijay Singh, who defend their acts of corruption, say that at the time of appointment cops have to pay hefty sum as bribe to bag the job. Once in service, they have to recover the bribe money from others. Will the police commissioners be able to clean the system so that no bribe is given to get a job and no money is extorted to allow a driver to go on banned routes during prohibited hours.


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Awesome article.

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