Sunday, February 25, 2018
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encroachments at night

Once again encroachers were taken by surprise—on Nawab Yusuf Road—when  the Nagar Nigam squad raided the place and uprooted the illegally setup gumtis and shops.

The Nagar Nigam explains that it all started when they received a complaint from the Civil Lines  Police Station’s SO that some people had assembled outside wine shops and were drinking on the roads. The SO asked the Nagar Nigam to do the needful, which was done.
The police do have the power to remove all encroachments which obstruct  free movement of traffic. But they seldom do so. The SO was therefore within his right to request the Nagar Nigam to take action. But many people are likely to regard this explanation as a safe cover to carry out the raids. That way the plan is executed so suddenly that none knows about it and so the encroachers are not forewarned. Some wagging tongues however are saying that the encroachers, especially the wine shops, might have been ‘punished’ for not obliging some one with a free drink! Report says there was resistance from encroachers and force had to be used.
One feels that if encroachments are not to re-appear then such late-evening raids would have to be scheduled more frequently instead of limiting them to chance circumstances.. If regular unscheduled raids are organized there is every reason to hope that the habitual absconders will desist from taking the law into their own hands.
And by the way, isn’t it high time the administration took up the matter of roadside pubs with the State Government and advised the top bosses to  stop sale of liquor on roadside as these outlets have played havoc with the morals of the youth and encouraged them to get drunk, drive cars in a highly intoxicated condition and , if chance comes their way,  abduct girls going alone on the roadside and turn into brutes to indulge in gang-rape. I am not pleading for prohibition but asking the authorities to stop the sale of drinks from roadside liquor shops. 

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