Sunday, February 25, 2018
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car buyers

A report says that after facing slump the car sales suddenly picked up in Allahabad during the Navratra and that 675 big and small four-wheelers were sold out. 

The dealers are highly optimistic that  there will be fresh rush for vehicle purchases during the Dhanteras period. Well, this is no doubt a heartening development for the car industry hit by a slump, as it was presumed.
At the same time, however, this is also a matter for concern—and deep concern at that.. Where will these vehicles be parked? Have the owners ensured a safe parking place for their vehicles? If not, I would request all prospective buyers to first  arrange for parking of cars. In most of the old houses there was hardly any garage. In some palatial bungalows, where garages were available, the surplus land has been sold to builders who have either destroyed and demolished those garages or turned them into a residential room, which they are not supposed to do. But who cares? In the case of the new houses being built, especially in Civil Lines,  the ADA  seems to be last bothered about the parking slots. Some house owners apparently solved their  surplus land where housing colonies were built with hardly any space for parking. Apparently the parking space was swallowed by the greed of the builders and their ‘shareholders’ in the administrative machinery.
Thus follows a bigger issue—the issue of car thefts. These thefts are being committed by those crooks who know every trick of the game to lift a car and take it away to Nepal and then sell it for an attractive price. If statistics of car thefts in the city are taken into consideration, they will be of frightening dimensions.
So dear car buyers—ensure safe parking of your new cars first before buying them or it wouldn’t be surprising if you find that it is the burglars who are having a maiden  drive on the car and  not you.
I wish to ask the administration: If there is no parking space in the city how will it cope with the rising traffic volume in case all the new cars hit our roads?
Narendra Modi is suggesting that people should use cycles once in a week. It was like  Shastri asking people to miss a meal in order to save cereals. But Modi’s appeal also sounds logical. Cycling will trim one’s body and will also  tone up the sluggish, lethargic system, making the walker feel more energised.

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