Thursday, January 18, 2018
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traffic drivers for helmet

It is good to learn that senior police officials are taking keen interest in traffic management. It is true that rash driving has become a menace and that people should be warned against over-speeding. But haven’t we seen that such goody-goody appeals have had no impact?

Unless strict enforcement of speed laws is done one can hardly expect any improvement. As it is, traffic rules are not being enforced in the strong manner in which they should. The best of instructions are forgotten when a drunk driver speeds through, unmindful of the risk he is inviting on himself and on others. At night, if the cops also wage a war against drunken driving then things may improve.
And sometimes a man is riding or driving within permitted limits. But he is busy with the mobile phone. He should normally stop on the roadside, do the talking, then proceed further. But the mobile users say, ‘Show us where a roadside exists? The entire width of the roads is covered by vehicles’  But using a mobile phone while driving has been forbidden by law. Then why isn’t this law being enforced too?
I would like to suggest that just one fortnight drive with multiple issues to tackle will not do. It would be more prudent  to hold, say, weeklong drives for taking up just one issue. Let the cops for instance start checking drunken driving for a week. They may find success near the wine shops located on the roadsides. It is after consuming liquor from there that some young lads go forward in their cars with rowdy friends who all drink like a fish till they get intoxicated . Then one week  could be reserved for helmet checking. This is essential. And during this period the citizens should be warned that in case they are not wearing a helmet, they will be halted at the crossing and will be asked to buy a helmet from the seller who must have been invited at the crossing for this job. If an accused says he has forgotten helmet at home, then he must be sent home on foot or by tempo to fetch it. He would in all likelihood try to hoodwink the police by borrowing a helmet from his friends. To meet such tricks, the administration should keep black paint and brush ready and tell the helmet owner that his name would be  painted on the helmet. If he has borrowed it he would hesitate to have it soiled like that. And once this is done no one will lend his helmet to anyone. But the enforcement of both the anti-mobile and pro-helmet law must be  done with maximum strictness.


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