Thursday, January 18, 2018
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amitabh bachhan AU

Believe it or not but Allahabad is unlucky for Amitabh. At least that is what some astrologers have told the mega star. According to a report, stars do not favour him at Allahabad and so he has not been visiting the city even though he has been visiting the adjoining areas.

An impression seems to have been created on his mind  after his entry into electoral politics from Allahabad turned out to be a big flop show. He did win the election in 1984 but he had to face the humiliation of being accused of a shareholder in the Bofors deal. . Of course no charge was proved against him. But he did have to undergo mental torture  during the period he was an MP.
There are other corroborating facts too. He had donated a substantial amount of money for the setting up of a girls’ school in the Allahabad region. The money was taken by those who  convinced him that the needful would be bone. But no school was established and the lame excuse given is that land for the same was not  available . The money was diverted to the construction of a Town Hall inside the Nagar Nigam. But the construction work on this was  stopped for various reasons. But I would say that it was breach of trust on behalf of those people who had assured Amitabh Bachchan of building  a school here and did no such thing.
You may recall that Amitabh never came here when Abhishek was born. But he did request the priest of the Hanuman temple to seek blessings from Lord Hanuman for his son. His grand-daughter was born  over a year ago. He never came to seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman or Mother Ganga. Amitabh has been contributing a lot to other regions. He purchased farm land elsewhere, he set up a chair in the name of his father in Lucknow  University. We then pleaded that he should have established a chair in the name of his father Harivansha Rai Bachchan in Allahabad University too because his revered father had taught for years in the Oxford of the East. But there was no response. He came to UP several times  and visited  other regions but did not make even a single visit to Allahabad.

Now that is indeed tragic. And if he is indeed avoiding Allahabad because of astrological fears, then I would request local  astrologers to study  his stars  afresh and pray for driving away the ghosts from his mind.

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