Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Friday was a bad day for mobile users, especially those having the BSNL connections.  The BSNL’s  main switching system went out of order round 7am. Thereafter thousands of phones in the region went into coma. It took several hours for the system to be revived and the services restored.

The worst sufferers were the users of internet. One person was heard saying, ‘The light has gone out of our lives and there is darkness everywhere’. Without broadband one finds wilderness all around. And since load on other private service providers increased manifold, their efficiency too was badly affected.

Lucky were those who still have landline phones because these were in working order.
incidentally, a report says that the CDA(Pension) Colony is mobile-proof. As soon as one enters the colony the mobile sets do not work. Has the colony been placed under a jammer that forbids the entry of all calls? If not, how is it that on entering the colony the mobile phones become dead?
But there is one consolation. The landline phones function here as well. Although much abused and discarded, the landline phones nevertheless do hold an advantage over their mobile counterparts. What is more there is sentimental attachment to a mobile phone. One doesn’t change it as is done in case of mobile sets—one in the morning, another in the evening!

TAILPIECE  Our reader Rajiv Dave has raised an interesting point in regard to fare hike of Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi trains owing to revision of food tariff. He says that those boarding any of the fare-hiked trains from Allahabad to Delhi at night do not touch a morsel of food on  their night journey. Why should they be penalized into paying higher fare that has been necessitated as a result of the revision of food tariff? As it is there are many who don’t touch meals cooked outside but usually carry packed meals from home. But they do not  demand any rebate for meals not taken.  It is argued that there should be concession for those who do not take train meals for various reasons. But in respect of night journey there can be no question of a traveller demanding midnight feast ! Hence  fare hike for night journeys should not be enforced. In fact they deserve to be exempted entirely from the food charges, says Rajiv Dave.

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