Thursday, January 18, 2018
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drunk cops

I have two reports about drunk cops running amuck. One case pertains to Naini near the Dairy crossing.  The warden of a boys’ hostel  was badly beaten up by four drunk cops and others without uniform when he refused to allow them in and serve them liquor.( He had to be hospitalized later).

When the owner came he was also assaulted. The police do acknowledge that the incident took place but they haven’t booked the four despite the complaint. Likewise in Civil Lines, two drunk cops, after taking ride on a rickshaw all over Civil Lines, came to Eklavya crossing. The rickshaw puller apparently asked for fare when he was beaten up. When patrolling cop objected the drunkards came to blows with him too. Finally  Civil Lines police station cops rushed to the spot and the drunkards were  overpowered. When will this stop?

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