Saturday, February 17, 2018
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water eletric meter

It has often been seen that when  staff at the lower level fails to help, it is the top officials who generally come to the rescue of those facing trouble. This is very common in police departments. There are innumerable instances to show that when FIRs are not lodged, especially in rural areas, the aggrieved parties rush to the SSP to have the needful done.

And they are not disappointed. Recently when Mr Afzal Ahmad, advocate was not getting a drop of water for many days, complaints at the lower level did not yield the desired results. But when the matter came to the notice of the General Manager of the Jal Kal Vibhag,Mr R,B,Singh, the complaint was attended to with lightning speed and the advocate could get water on Eid.
I cannot help recalling a highly dangerous case that took place some years ago. It pertained to  over-heating and fast running of a meter. It was showing 20 units in an hour.  It was over-heated and could have caught fire. The nearest sub-station was informed. But the man attending the phone call said, ‘We don’t have any man here right now. Please wait’. He was told that it was a case of emergency and a fire could break out. The man said, ‘Don’t worry, the fire will not break out. We will have it checked in the morning’. The consumer shouted, ‘Morning ? The house will catch fire if you delay. And who will pay for the unconsumed units that the meter is showing?’. The man was unmoved and persistently kept on saying, ‘I have no men right now and can do nothing to help you’. The indirect hint was, ‘Shell out money and the men will be available’. But the subscriber, in that mental state of mind, could not fathom the mind of the bribe-seeker. However, he immediately rang up the top man of the UPPCL, told him his tale of woe and asked him to send someone. Within five minutes a team of power-men came rushing to the spot—and all from the sub-station where none was available a little while earlier!. They disconnected the meter and gave direct connection.  They did not ask for a tip but went away apologetically, expressing their sincere regrets. Had the top man not intervened the meter would have kept on galloping . To be fair to the gentleman, he asked the complainant as to how many units had been added during the period that the meter was running at a galloping speed. When told about it, he delayed the setting up of a new meter, presumably allowing the consumer to avail himself of the power equal to the falsely-shown units on the meter.  Now what’ll you say to that! Obviously, good men are present everywhere even if they are in a minority.

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