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karwa chauth

 All married Hindu women are talking about  ‘Karva Chauth’ . It is a day of wives’ fasting which is considered by all married Hindu women  as a priceless ritual as it symbolizes the prayer of all wives for the long life of their husbands. Even if husbands are drunk, they are wife-beaters, they torture her, abuse her, starve her, curse her when she gives birth to one baby girl after another, the wives  will still pray for them by fasting the whole day till they sight the moon in the evening, sometimes quite late, after 8p.m.

What with tall multiplexes and sky-scrapers obstructing the visibility of moon, sometimes wives wait even till 9p.m. for  the moon to make its appearance from above the towering buildings.

The fasting part is all right as it is supposed to be good for health, specially of those women who behave like policemen at home, extracting money out of their spouses, just as the roadside cop does, the common characteristic being their bulging tummies due to over-eating. But in most cases, the slim- figure conscious women really feel the pangs of hunger and find it difficult to wait for the moon. Even so, they do so. Because that is what they saw their mothers and grand-mothers do.

But now times have changed. And women are hitting back. ‘We can do everything. Shouldn’t we impose 10 commandments on malefolk too?’ the mod among them could be saying. But will  women, especially the working eves,  impose certain conditions on their husbands which they should follow round the year ? The Hitlers among women may say: If the husbands follow the code of conduct laid by the wives, only then will they be entitled to our ‘favours’.  Some of the likely conditions that modern working eve may impose  on men in the shape of their  Ten Commandments could be

  1. Thou shalt not drink and thrash your wife
  2. Thou shalt not smoke
  3. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife
  4. Thou shalt dutifully come home within 15 minutes of the office closing time
  5. Thou shalt scrub the utensils thrice a week. The burden will be equally shared. On the seventh day we shall dine in a restaurant
  6. Thou shalt sweep and swab the floor for all seven days when thy ‘naughtiness’‘over-play’ results in pregnancy
  7. Thou shalt place your entire salary in thy wife’s hands
  8. Thou shalt change the napkins of the infant as and when required
  9. Thou shalt not flirt with the ayah.
  10. Thou shalt not speak, only listen and utter just two words like ,’Yes Darling’, ‘I agree’, ‘Go ahead’, ‘Wonderful, superb’, ‘My Angel’, ‘Okay Sweetheart’

Do you know what the husband  may say? ‘You don’t observe Karva Chauth. I will observe it provided you and yourkitty-party dames abide by all the conditions you  have imposed on me’. The wife will retort. ‘Certainly you may – but for that there would be an additional condition which you can never, never, never fulfill’ He would say, ‘Nothing is impossible’. She will say, ‘One thing is’. He will ask , ‘What is it?’ She will say, ‘You cannot give birth to babies. When you do that, you will have my permission to observe the Karvachauth




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