Thursday, January 18, 2018
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murder abortive

It is a pity that in spite of the best efforts of the top officials, the law and order situation in Allahabad seems to be worsening day by day. Small incidents like chain snatching are too common to be noticed these days, the main reason being that our women folk have not learnt any lesson from the frequency of such snatching incidents and tried to give up the desire to adorn their necks with cold chains. After all, when the chain is snatched, isn’t the victim left with a chainless neck?

But murders are becoming a one too often. A builder was killed over Rs10,000. It was stated in a report that  this was sheer extortion, demand for goonda tax. If so, why aren’t shady characters being identified and put behind bars? Is the police afraid to take action against those among the hoodlums who claim to be close to the ruling party?  Or  is there a nexus between criminals, extortionists and the cops at the lower level?
And if burglars attempt to ransack banks , partially it could be attributed to carelessness on the part of the banking authorities. But it is also the responsibility of patrolling cops to nab any suspicious character who might be loitering about near business establishments at night. How is it that big thefts have been committed in the shops of jewellery and gold ornaments worth lakhs carried away? If this were to happen once in a while, it was understandable. But since  such thefts too have become quite frequent, how is it that the owners of shops dealing in gold ornaments  are not making foolproof arrangements to ensure safety of their premises and also their treasures?
It seems that the public should no longer expect the cops to protect them since several of them are found drunk on duty, presumably fed on free liquor by hoodlums who do not wish them to remain alert and active on duty.
What then is the remedy to cure the cops on field duty to become active and effective instead of looking drunk and sleepy? One possible way could be to ensure that senior cops take a round at night. This will scare the cops and they may desist from taking free drinks. A former SSP B.S.Bedi was a terror as much for criminals as for cops who thus used to be on their toes all the time.  Unless there is scare  and fear of the police, how can criminals be tamed? Right now it is the criminals who seem to be dictating terms to cops whom they keep on obliging with free snacks, drinks and also a share of the booty. How then can crime be controlled, more so when a good and strict officer is hounded away through premature transfers with the help of influential politicians with vested interests.. This must stop. But who will do it?

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