Sunday, February 25, 2018
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A.I.R Singer of birha

Haider Ali Jugnu was a household name in every radio home. I recall listening to his beautifully rendered folk songs quite often from AIR Allahabad when they used to daily broadcast Lok Geets from  1.50pm to 2pm. I also remember once AIR staff telling me—when I had gone there to broadcast—‘Look who is there’.

And then they told me: ‘He is the famous  Hyder Ali Jugnu and his party’. I could overhear them giving tips on how the song was to proceed. That was live broadcast. But I learn that Jugnu had recorded over 500 cassettes/CDs . Among his top sellers were the Birha he sang in the glory of Sati Ansuiya and Lav-Kush. They sold like hot cakes. His voice was heard not just from AIR Allahabad but also from several other radio stations as the magic of his voice had spread from UP to Bihar.
Hailing from Saraon, he  passed away the other day when he fell down in the bathroom. He was reported to have been suffering from cancer and leaves behind wife Ameena Begum and three daughters to whom we offer our heartfelt condolences.
Jugnu  was crowned with the ‘Birha Samrat’ award by the President.  Though he highlighted social and economic problems of the rural areas through his Birha  folk songs, he also did not miss an opportunity to cover national events and tragedies . His rendering of the sad martyrdoms of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and his presentation on the Kargil war are all a part of the folk music which Jugnu  recorded for his contemporaries as well as posterity. Radio broadcaster Kusum Zutshi, who was assistant station director at AIR Allahabad before retirement said Jugnu was a gem of folk music who will always continue to shed lustre on Birha and be an inspiration to the younger generation to take a peep into their own rich folk culture instead of running after the drill-type songs and dances aping the west.’ May his soul rest in peace. 


#1 Sabhapati Yadav 2013-11-04 08:07
bhagvan birha samrat Haider Ali Jugnu ji ki aatma ko shanti pradan kare.

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