Thursday, January 18, 2018
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DM Rajshekhar

District Magistrate Rajshekhar’s personal inspection of various works going on in the city has exposed irregularities on a large scale. In respect of repair and building works he found substandard material used at several places; and he also found non-branded fans and other electrical gadgets  installed  at some places.

He discovered sub-standard road repair work at one place .What is more, it was not completed by the due date. In all such instances  the defaulters have been fined. And in case of the incomplete road repair work, a warning has been given that if by 31 October the  road is not ready, the contractor will have to go to jail. Orders have been issued to file an FIR against him in case he defaults again. This road stretches from Varuna in Phulpur to Jhanghai Road. The contract was not completed by October 20. And so 20 per cent of the contract money has been ordered to be deducted.

This is what happens when a senior officer personally inspects a site. For years I have been saying this in this very column. I have been asking the ADA Vice Chairmen, the Nagar Ayukts to go out and personally see what is happening. But hardly anyone has bothered to step out of official chambers. They apparently know about the frauds but do not wish to be eye-witness to the loot. And because of their indifference, the public have suffered and the exchequer has lost enormous funds. Badal Chatterji as Nagar Ayukta did move out of his office. In fact he was seen more on the roads than in his office and I had through this column even warned him that this could be risky for his personal safety as he could be easily identified and targeted by those whom he was exposing. But he remained undeterred. He fined defaulters, seized building material from the roadside and carried away cars parked at wrong places on municipal land. That could explain why he was transferred.
Prior to that Mahmood Butt had shown enormous guts to pin down the influential law breakers. But he managed to do so because he had the full backing of the then Chief Minister, Mr Charan Singh. That is how he managed to improve Allahabad. Rajshekhar is doing a splendid job but he should be careful of the hidden road-mines. It is being said on behalf of the corrupt lobby that since the Lok Sabha elections are not far away, they have to ‘help’ those who have been providing them ‘protection’. I need not elaborate. You must have guessed what they mean. But I suspect that this could be an excuse which they give to cover up their misdeeds all on their own.

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