Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Allahabad damage roads

The Distrtict Magistrate would be doing a big favour to Allahabad if he can have an inquiry opened into the roads that were repaired for Mahakumbh but which have since collapsed.

They are in an utterly battered condition at several places in the city. The DM’s office should invite from public the information about such repaired roads getting damaged in no time. All that the staff would then have to do is to locate the spots as identified by the people.
To begin with, I would like to draw the attention of all concerned to a portion of the Leader Road that, coming from the Khusraubagh side, takes a turn at the circular crossing near the Allahabad Junction station.If the DM personally takes a round, coming down from the Khusraubagh side, his vehicle is bound to suffer  jolts which turn into bone-breaking ones for those who go via that place on two-wheelers. Conceded that the volume of traffic here is very high. But that very traffic moves down further on different roads. Why has this portion failed to bear the brunt of the heavy traffic? I am requesting the DM for personal inspection so that he may realize the gravity of th situation and order the authorities concerned to promptly go their with their repair squad to do the needful. Likewise the central portion on the Khusraubagh flyover is also very jerky and if people are riding fast they suffer big jolts, sometimes jumping in the air.
Details can be had about all the roads of the city which underwent a special facelift for the Mahakumbh. If any road has survived the onslaught of traffic then the contractor should be complimented. But I have suspicion that mainly those roads were thoroughly done on which some influential VIP could be staying.
I may mention that initially when Lohia Marg was being given a facelift, a heavy downpour exposed it all. There were protests. A prominent leader  stays there too. Repairs were reordered. And this time they were so thoroughly done that the recent rain havoc failed to cause any damage to this thoroughfare.
Standards of quality are set. And charges fixed accordingly. But no one goes to verify whether the work has been done as per thequality promised. Who will put a stop to this? Rajshekhar can do it. Will he? Since he has begun well we have high hopes from him, 

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