Saturday, February 17, 2018
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diwali gift packs for bosses

Diwali is the best time for ‘flatterers’ to please their bosses. In the olden times this was fairly easy and was done in a conventional manner so that no one could guess that it was flattery. Juniors would go to their seniors and present them a packet of sweets.

Soon, as time passed and the bosses became more mechanical and less physical, using cars to reach offices and lifts to go to the upper storeys, many of them started suffering from diabetes so that sweets had no charm for them. They would pass on to others and even distribute them to those who were close to them. The trend changed long ago when to the queued visitors would be told by the boss’s peon, ‘It would be better if you bring a packet of dry fruits’
But now the story is changing fast. The boss is not interested in sweets . These will pour in anyway whether he likes that or not. So subordinates have the tendency to ask the private secretary or even the servant of the house as to what gift would be best to offer. If there are teenagers in the family then word will go round that latest mobile set would be welcomed a  Diwali gift. The packet is small too. You do not have to get it carried as used to be done in the past when a TV set used to be gifted to the boss. Then there could also be craze for Laptops. The teenagers would love that too as they could at any place have the thrill of using it and watching the world in  their lap.
The experienced but retired boss-flatterers would say: ’But remember, if a girl in a house is of marriageable age and the wedding has been announced too, Diwali gifts can be combined with wedding gifts as well. The ‘flatterers’ know that as a gift what a young man cherishes most is a good bike of the latest model! The boss may expect such gifts to be given as dowry’.
‘But from where will the flatterers get the money?’ I asked one gentleman. He said some subordinates with a foresight open a ‘Gifts Account’ and periodically keep on placing money there. But from where do they get the money? I asked. ‘Simple..’ he replied ‘From the day-to-day extortions at every step’. So it is Suvidha Shulk which rises upwards

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