Thursday, January 18, 2018
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train dinner nawab watch

Raja(not Zutshi) of Allahabad writes:’The grievance of our esteemed reader, Mr. Rajeev Dave is quite misplaced. (Window on Allahabad). The fact is that some things are part of an unchangeable package. It would, for instance, be unfair and illogical, to insist on a motor cycle with a single seat, and refuse to pay for a longer double seat, arguing that one never has a pillion rider, and therefore the cost of the extra seat is needless.

It would be equally unreasonable to refuse to pay for a child's fees for the period he missed school due to illness, as there was no tuition imparted during that time. The examples are endless. Even if a person does not partake of a meal on a train or flight, that is his choice. However, if he travels on a price fixed ticket, he is entitled to the facilities included therein, whether he avails of them or not.

‘The other swing of the pendulum of this, is the invariable concomitance of expected public behaviour that comes with certain positions of individuals. An example can be the ceaseless probity in public life that should be the hallmark of politicians, film stars, sports icons, etc., as they set an example, particularly for the youth. In this context, the politically elected leaders of poor countries must refrain from flaunting vulgar wealth. It is indeed incongruous for Mr. Nawaz Sharif, as Prime Minister of a beleagured nation, enmeshed in poverty and struggling with civil strife, to wear a wrist watch that costs U.S.$ 4.5 million (Rs. 30 crores!)’. Raja is a leading advocate of the High Court . He has sent us a picture of Nawaz Sharif;s costly watch.

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