Sunday, February 25, 2018
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trevor blackman

It has indeed been a great privilege as well as pleasure to have in our midst Trevor Blackman of Ape Media from Britain in Allahabad. He is striving for a cleaner world. Unfortunately for us, he visited the city when it is looking most foul and dirty.

Trevor remarked that if on the one hand he finds 80 per cent of Indians possessing mobile phones he has also  seen  the stark reality of   70 per cent of Indians  having no facility of pure drinking water and are unable to avail themselves of the  Toilet  service. Trevor  just cannot understand why the attention of the Governments of the country is not drawn towards the non-availability of these basic requirements because of which thousands of people are dying every year.
Trevor, who arrived from the UK the other day, said that Allahabad is a beautiful city but he is amazed to find filth and dirt scattered all over. He has discovered so soon on his arrival that the people of the city are desperately in need  of  pure  water and cleanliness both of which seem to be beyond their reach. It is because of this that people in this city can fall ill anywhere any time.
It may be mentioned that during his last visit to the country as a part of Nirmal Bharat Yatra Trevor had visited four major cities of India and had done commendable work in the field of sanitation. In fact impressed by the Nirmal Bharat Yatra, Trevor has taken out a book on cleanliness in the format of comics which are so delightful to read. I am no fan of comics but I do confess I was carried away by the impressive manner in which the whole issue has been dealt with.  This ‘Morvi’ comic deals with polluted water and how it can cause death. Trevor’s  arrival, however, was eclipsed by the furore caused by the  controversial visit of Peter Youngren. But what Trevor says is already well known to all of us. However, all cries of protests have fallen on deaf ears

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