Thursday, January 18, 2018
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cops cross all limits

In the recent past there have been frequent instances of under-trials escaping from police custody while being taken to courts or being escorted back. Many suspect that it is a ‘fixed’ game of escape. Whether or not that is so, the authorities do not seem to learn any lesson from such unsavoury incidents.  The incident I am going to quote does not pertain to an escape of an under-trial but the freedom with which the prisoners in fetters are taken from jail to courts and back. This incident was reported in Friday’s ‘Hindustan’.

It says that  a dangerous prisoner, who was being escorted back to jail by three policemen were seen enjoying ‘chaat’ at a shop near Mewalal Ki Bagia in Naini. The hardened criminal was heard telling the leader of the cops, ‘Arre Dewanji, kuchch aur  khaibe (Diwanjiee , will you like to enjoy some more chaat)’? The prisoner, a notorious criminal, Salim, involved in a murder was being escorted back from the courts in Lalganj Mirzapur by three cops- Gajraj Singh, Shiv Prasad Tewari and another. They were moving in a private van UP 70 CF 0313. The three cops, on the request of Salim, halted the shop near the Chaat shop. The careless cops, using both hands in gobbling chaat and golgapps forgot to hold the ropes with which Salim’s hands were tied. After having their fill they marched to another shop, took paans and then proceeded to the jail premises. Luckily for them, the prisoner made no attempt to escape. Maybe  is trying to win their confidence and next time or the time after next he may give them a slip after making them unconscious by serving some sleeping drug at a tea shop in what could be a pre-arranged conspiracy with the tea seller.

If police escorts have become so careless, so unreliable and so untrustworthy, will we have to think of deputing army escorts for such prisoners and not the cops? But if that were to happen, it would indeed be a great blow to the police prestige, if at all any of it is still there.  

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