Saturday, February 17, 2018
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The Traffic Police has once again announced that a month-long drive will be launched on November one ‘to make people realize the importance of traffic rules and create mass awareness about road safety’.  I would like to ask the Traffic SI Indra Pal Singh to tell us the impact of previous drives that have been held all these years. Have the road accidents come down?

Obviously not. Have all people(including cops) started wearing helmets? Obviously not. Have all tinted glass panes disappeared? Obviously not. The very fact that these traffic drives have no impact whatsoever is proved by holding them again and again.  If the drives  have not been  succeeding,   have the traffic police tried to analyze the reasons for this? Had they done so, the format might have changed.
What the traffic authorities should realize is that the problem consists of several parts. They deal with one part ignoring the rest. How can the ‘whole’ benefit from the good that is being done to a ‘part’of the ‘whole’ only? If someone is suffering from multiple injuries can he or she be restored to health by the treatment of only one wound?
I am saying this in the context of the Traffic SI’s statement, highlighting  only the lack of  traffic sense among  youngsters and  citing their rash driving and overtaking as two prime reasons behind the rising incidence of accidents. The SI wants us to believe his stupid assessment that only rash driving and overtaking by youngsters is behind the mishaps. He thinks that only through ‘proper traffic  education’  and ‘strict implementation of traffic norms’ can the situation improve. It certainly can but not if it applies to a part of the road users and not to all of them.
Let me tell Indra Pal Singh that the young men, who he says indulge in rash driving and overtaking, are fully aware of what they are doing. In fact when they leave home, the mother tells the young lad, ‘Son, be careful, don’t ride fast, don’t overtake anyone from the wrong side, do not park your vehicle at a wrong place. Do not use mobile phone when in motion, and make sure you wear helmet and don’t ride three on one’. The lad says in disgust, ‘Mummy, I know it all by heart.’ The younger brother teases him, ‘Bhaiya do not show acrobatics while passing by the girls institutions and don’t drop in at a roadside pub to have a booze’. The elder brother may say:’ Vigorous checking is going on. Carry all your documents, identity cards so that you are not caught on the wrong foot’ Will the traffic cops teach anything more persuasively and effectively than this? Perhaps not.


The remedies


One remedy lies in initiating a permanent drive. Police will have to be strict, very strict,  all the 24 hours of the day and on all the 365 days of the year  too. They will have to simultaneously  deal strictly and educate properly all categories of  vehicle users, sparing none instead of  chasing only those from whom money can be extorted. But for this the first requirement is an honest traffic force which will be on its toes all the time and not overlook even the most minor violation of the traffic rules.
If this is not immediately possible then they may try another remedy. They could  hold separate drives to deal with different categories of road users. Let it be a ‘Tempo Checking Drive’ for a month. They(tempo drivers) will all start wearing uniforms then. But for this police will have to overcome its cancerous habit of taking free rides from them. How can a defaulter in uniform challenge another defaulter?  Let the traffic drives be preceded by ‘Reformation Drive for Traffic Cops’


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