Sunday, February 25, 2018
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mithai shops

There was a time when some essential commodities would come under price control. Whether that is possible today one cannot say. But there is no doubt that the margin of profit to the  fancy shops is very, very high. They concoct some Diwali specialities and sell them at even a more inflated price.

If price control cannot be imposed then social-service organizations should intervene. They must requisition some expert Halwais and have all the popular sweets made under their supervision. Then they should, offer these sweets in gift packs at cost price.The Halwais should also be persuaded not to charge for their labour at inflated rates. If ten such stalls are opened, the  big shops selling sweets at highly inflated rates with material that could be adulterated, will soon come down bending on their knees.  Instead of organizing raids on them, it would be a better thing to start a parallel supply line. The contrast will shock every black-marketer. And if the social service organizations can rope in some philanthropists to contribute to this drive, the rates could be lowered further. After all the festival is to celebrate Lord Ram’s return to Ayodhya! Ram was a symbol of sacrifice. Then why should mithaiwalas turn into fleecing merchants on the occasion of His home coming?
There is still time to organize such no- profit-no loss centres of sale. They will ensure the supply of wholesome sweets at reasonable rates.
The civic administration should encourage them by providing them land free to conduct such sales. What is more, these shops can be inaugurated at some place by the Commissioner ,the IG(Police), the Income Tax Commissioner, at other places by the DM, the Municipal Commissioner, the CMO., the SSP  The local political leaders concerned should approach  top leaders like Sonia Gandhi and Mulayam Singh to send a message of good wishes for such a venture.  Big Boards featuring their messages should be put up outside these shops. That would indeed be a constructive way to tame the black-marketers in sweets. By and by the top tycoons will bring down their prices to a reasonable level. If no such move is attempted then, I am afraid, this year the Diwali sweet prices will enter the space at the speed of  a rocket.


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