Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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moring walkers beware

An old woman on an early morning walk in the city area(near Chandralok cinema hall) was robbed of her gold bangles and other valuables  by  two youths posing as cops who  first tried to make her unconscious by putting a hanky, apparently soaked in chloroform on her nose.

She swooned for a while and on recovering she somehow staggered back to her house and informed her son and the rest of it followed—the young  son went   to the police, the police did not record his complaint, the aggrieved then rushed to the DIG for help.
Lack of patrolling and insensitivity of the police stations to the cries of the victims have now become very, very common. The toughest of police officers have failed to inculcate fear among their subordinates and convince  them to perform their multiple duties with a sense of urgency and not take things lightly as they have been doing.
But I would like to caution morning walkers against stirring out in the early hours loaded with jewellery. Why should they do that? I would say that they should not wear even wrist watches or carry mobile phones. After all, they go out on a morning walk to benefit themselves and not to benefit roadside robbers. Moreover a gold necklace or bangles or rings do not need fresh oxygen of the early hours to get an extra shine or an extra life. Then why are people committing the folly of wearing ornaments while moving out on the streets all alone?
I would say that the people themselves are to blame for this. One might ask: If we have the jewels why shouldn’t we wear them? True. Very true. But you don’t have to wear them to attract highway robbers. If at all you want to show-off that you have plenty of ornaments to wear then do so when you are going out to a fashion party or even to attend a kitty party. The craze for seeing themselves decked in costly ornaments has led to a spurt in the  highway robberies. During the wedding time these robberies are even more frequent. We have heard about jewellery boxes disappearing from wedding guest houses too.
In this connection I am reminded of what Ms Ramodevi Gupta, senior-most woman advocate of the High Court,  told me some years ago. She said the brides can easily be adorned in jewellery of flowers. Once this fashion picks up the flower-decorating trade would pick up during the marriage season too and  there will be a beeline for beauty parlours dealing purely in the decoration of brides with flowers.
At any rate, right now I would like to stress that morning walkers, male or female, must desist from carrying any valuable on their person. If they have a gold tooth, they should be cautious too. I recall many years ago how a man, flaunting his artificial gold teeth, was regarded as a big snob. One day he was waylaid, rushed to an unknown destination, where a man, posing to be a dentist, extracted his gold teeth and left him in wilderness.

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