Saturday, February 17, 2018
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juhi chawla in allahabad

The Bollywood sensation Juhi Chawla was in Allahabad the other day for giving a boost to the promoters of their glittering goods to make the people more materialistic but she herself decided to elevate herself on the spiritual plane by having the Darshan of Lord Hanuman—the Barre Hanumanji at the Sangam. She was blessed by the priest of the shrine, Mahant Anand Giriji Maharaj.

The name and fame of this temple has reached Bollywood in a big way owing to the publicity given to it by the great Amitabh Bachchan.  Big B has written or stated in several interviews how he would go to the Hanuman temple for Darshan at the Sangam every Tuesday , holding the finger of his late father, the famous Hindi poet and professor of English, Dr Harivansh Rai Bachchan. He had also sought the deity’s blessings through the Mahant when son Abhishek was born.
During the recent Mahakumbh too many leading lights from Maharashtra  as also  film stars from Mumbai were seen here.Some of  them might have come to Allahabad to wash their extra-marital sins ! The fame of barre Hanumanji has thus spread worldwide. And if Juhi Chawla could find time from her busy schedule to visit Sangam, take a dip in the holy waters and have Darshan of Lord Hanuman, there was hardly anything surprising in it. But what it does reflect is that Juhi is indeed a God-fearing person.
At another function she came out in support of the female child and welcomed all efforts to give a boost to the campaign favouring female child.
We hope Juhi did receive the blessings of Lord Hanumanji and that these will be visible in the string of successes that may  come her way by and by.

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