Thursday, January 18, 2018
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 water crises

When will the supply of gutter water in our taps stop? When one complains, the reply given is: ‘Let the dirty water flow for some time. After that it will become clear’. But in some houses on Elgin Road, the dirty, stinking, gutter water  flows  on and on, and when finally  the clear supply starts the water stops.

Some people get water for one day and for the next three days there is no supply. A complain was made at the Helpline number. It was noted and action promised too. But there is no relief.
The Patrika carried a report on Tuesday about the  supply of  contaminated water  in some houses on Elgin Road   opposite Girl’s High School.  Several other  localities of the city are also receiving dirty water. Those living in dark apartments, at times with no electricity, cannot even see the colour of the water they receive from their taps. They consume it having full faith in the Jal Sanstham’s promise to supply wholesome water. Their faith is betrayed, their hopes belied when they  fall ill, are rushed to hospitals.
But the water authorities will not own their responsibility. On the contrary they will say that they have given HELPLINE numbers on which people can lodge their complaints.  But does the  HELPLINE really help ?  And will it pay for the medical expenses of those who have fallen ill because of consuming polluted water  for which the public are paying? If Government agencies are raiding  Khova shops and mithai establishments to confiscate adulterated stuff, why aren’t they also raiding the Jal Sansthan premises and checking the water supply which is sending people to hospitals in large numbers?  If there is a fly in a cola drink, the Health department raises hell. The manufacturing company is hauled up and fined. But what are we getting in our taps? Not dead flies but snails, snakes and tadpoles to say  nothing of the human excreta that flows into the leaking pipelines (passing through overflowing drains)that have not been repaired since ages.
Mrs Mohan Lalwani of Elgin Road told us the other day that she fell ill consuming that water. Mr Lalwani told me that they have been pouring Dettol into buckets before bathing. Even then they are suffering from itching. On top of this the water authorities shamelessly think of raising the water charges? Who will look into the horrors of  water pollution? Every time we don’t want to disturb the Commissioner

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