Sunday, February 25, 2018
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 st joseph college

SJC’s ‘Confluence’, ‘Rendezvous’  and ‘Horizons’  under its new avatar is called Josephest. This is for the benefit of SJC’s  former students who might wonder what this Josephest-13 is about. Well, it is the College’s prestigious  Inter-School annual cultural extravaganza, the two-day festival of which  begins today (Oct 30) at 7.30am at the college auditorium and in which  teams from 10 schools and colleges from the city and outside will be participating.

Our IG(Police), Allahabad Zone  Mr Anthony Dev Kumar IPS will be the chief guest on the first day and  Rev Fr K.K.Antony will grace the occasion in the same capacity on the second day. Have you noticed? Both are Anthonies—but the IG’s name carries an extra ‘h’! There will be plenty of fun for the competitors because of the stimulating events featured in the gala show including debate, dance, creative writing, 3-D Collage, software solutions. Qawalli, Jam, group singing , music etc. As Principal Louis Mascarenhas states,  these ‘will provide the students a platform for showcasing their skills and talents, gaining a larger exposure and developing a better outlook and vision’. Such functions are indeed a pleasure to watch. Only the other day the Boys High School had a similar,  attractive programme ‘Alfresco-2013’-with debates, quiz and all the other thrillers.

This makes me wonder: Why can’t we have similar get-togethers in the Hindi medium schools? In the hoary past we did have such annual functions. I recall the good old days when the Government Intermediate College, Allahabad would organize its annual college week in a big way , studded with  similar, alluring programmes too. But what I cannot forget is the Mushaira/ Kavi Sammelan evening in the auditorium of the old school building. On those occasions we heard eminent local poets coming there to recite their verses. Once Firaq Gorakhpuri came too. And there were fireworks  from the poet! That promoted creativity among boys who would want to do better and still better. What I mean to stress is that the students of Hindi medium schools in those days had something to look forward to. They did not wander helplessly and aimlessly, some lost in wild thoughts others indulging in anti-social activities. The English-medium schools on the other hand have not only carried on the old traditions but also made tremendous improvements and advancements in the programmes that are presented. That is how the youth’s energy  can be diverted into creative channels instead of allowing it to be wasted in wilderness.
Will the non-English medium schools learn a lesson from this and re- start the creative annual shows which they abandoned long, long ago? If at all they are held, they receive no publicity. Why? 

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