Thursday, January 18, 2018
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I was horrified to read a report about a victim of poison pedlars who was dumped by a   bus driver on the roadside where the police, despite being informed, refused to come and a local hospital, when apprised of the gravity of the situation, failed to turn up. Ultimately it was the public which fished into the pockets of the unconscious youth, found his home address, informed his relatives who rushed there to admit their dear one into a private hospital where his condition was stated to be serious.

Before I proceed further, I would like to recall that when that girl, referred to as ‘Braveheart’ and her male friend were dumped on the roadside bleeding profusely by the gang-rapists, they had called out to every passing vehicle but none stopped.  He too ultimately had to contact relatives on phone and it is thereafter that  the two were shifted to hospital. Thereafter there were wild protests. Almost the whole of Delhi came out on the streets. But why did they show callousness when the girl and her friend were lying wounded on the roadside and the boy was shouting for help to every passing car which did not respond?
In the present case, the youth was returning home with plenty of money and gifts to celebrate Diwali. At the Allahabad junction railway station poison peddlers managed to trap him and relieved him of mobile phone, clothes and cash worth thousands of rupees and thereafter dumped him in a bus that was going from Allahabad to Varanasi. By the time the bus reached Saidabad, the condition of the victim started deteriorating fast. The driver was informed. But instead of acting in a humane way, the driver dumped the unconscious youth in a bazaar in the Handia region . The local shop-keepers, seeing the unconscious lad on the roadside, informed the police but it never came. The people of the area, shocked by the police behaviour, rushed the unconscious youth on their own to a private hospital. But the doctors there also refused to admit him. This was too much. Then someone looked into the pockets of the injured and found therein his home address. They informed his relatives who then rushed to the spot and took him for treatment to a nursing home where his condition was serious.
The story of neglect begins at the Junction Railway station. How is it that poison pedlars are still active despite tall claims to the contrary by the police? Then what about the bus driver? He should be traced and punished because his act of callousness could have led to the death of the young man owing to lack of timely medical treatment.  The next villain of the story  is the local police. How can  cops be so inhuman? I am sure senior police officials will pull the cops of the region. And then last but not the least, shouldn’t action be taken against the private hospital which refused to extend a helping hand to the poor victim?

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