Thursday, January 18, 2018
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diwali greetings 

The Festival of Lights has arrived. But is it the same festival in its form and content as it used to be or ought to be? ‘Deepawali’ suggests that the Deep, the Deepak, has a major role to play in the celebrations. But today the ‘Diya’ is struggling for existence. The ‘toofan’ of bulbs, imported bulbs, decorative bulbs has swamped the Diya.

It is an unequal fight: ‘Nirbal se ladai balwaan ki, ‘Yeh kahani hai diye ki aur toofan ki…’. And yet, it is the lone Diya –or a number of them--in the Puja thaali of the housewife which continues to shed light when there is a sudden power breakdown and all the shining bulbs—local or Chinese—become lifeless, as if struck by some major calamity. But that is life. Today we  celebrate the ‘Switch-on-the-lights’ Diwali. The  sweet earthly fumes from the Diya are no longer there.

But whether you light Diyas, candles or bulbs, this is to wish you all a very, very happy Deepawali. May Goddess Laxmi  bless you with choicest wealth, may you rise and shine in your profession. If you are an administrator—the Commissioner, the DM,the CDO, the ADMs, the Nagar Ayukta, the ADA Vice-Chairman, the Health Officer, the Jal Sansthan GM--, may you leave no pending file on your table, if you are a cop, may you lodge all FIRs, stop siding with the crooks or collecting subvidha shulk from vehicle drivers; If you are an ADA official, may you succeed in overcoming all political pressure from the ruling party members and muster courage to demolish the unauthorized constructions,  if you are a college and University teacher, may you be blessed with the desire to take cent per cent classes, devote yourself to study and research, if you are a student, may you get the best of facilities to sharpen your intellect so as to qualify not just for the IAS but for the Nobel prize as well; If you are a criminal may you reform yourself and  croon that prayer, ‘Ai malik tere bande hum, aise hon hamare karam, neki par chalen aur badi se bachen  taake hastey hue nikle dum’; if you are a trader, may Godess Laxmi shower her blessings on you provided you do not indulge in black-marketing, adulteration, or under-weigh   products and so on:If you are a mother-in-law, may you love your Bahu like your own daughter; if you are a henpecked husband, may you get the courage for taming the shrew, if you are a Bahu, may you serve the elders in the family with the devotion you exhibit for your parents; if you are lovers, may you not go astray but  get married soon with the blessings of your parents; if you are a doctor, hakim or vaid, may you be inspired by the noble men of your profession so as not to fleece your parents, run after commissions by recommending unnecessary tests; If you are an advocate, may you succeed in preventing the bifurcation of Allahabad High Court; If you are a journalist, may you shun the gift danglers and concentrate on honest, free and fair journalism; and if you are a Neta, a Minister,  may you be bestowed with good health to enable you to shed your glow around with the halo of selfless service to your fellow beings, so that people may say, ‘Lead kindly light’- but not with the yellow-blue-red carlights!

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