Thursday, January 18, 2018
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protect eyes diwali 

Dr R.N.Mishra, one of the renowned eye-specialists of the country, has alerted citizens against the horrifying consequences of the exposure of one’s eyes to   the smoke and splinters flying from the crackers which are gustily blasted by festival revellers.

I asked him the other day whether it should be advisable to wear glasses while going out on the cracker-blasting streets, he replied in the affirmative and said that those who are lighting crackers should be extra cautious. He said putting on glasses  could be very safe  while  blasting crackers as chemicals in them can cause perforation of the eyes and even affect one's vision. I asked, ‘But what if a frightened lad with glasses on falls down and the glasses break. Won’t that be worse than the chemicals flying around?’ Dr Mishra said, ‘You are trying to talk of a hypothetical  situation which may never occur. But chemicals are released in the  smoke and there can be no escape from them.’  He said, ‘ Chemical and thermal injuries to eyes are  very common during Diwali;. Dr Mishra warned:’ Heat from the crackers can melt the cornea, an injury which is irreparable."

I asked him: ‘But doctor,  many people, especially fashionable dames, use contact lenses of different shades to match different colours of their saris. Can’t contact lenses be good substitute of glasses as protectors against cracker damage to the eyes?’ Dr Mishra advised against this misconception  and warned that contact lenses can be more dangerous than even the naked eye because they  may cause irritation to the eyes if exposed to high heat for a long time.’ He didn’t say so, but it may be safer to take off these lenses during eves Holi Milan and, instead, wear glasses for a change. Dr Mishra says that In case there is any irritation in the eyes, you must splash them with plenty of cold water.   I remarked: ‘But doctor, we are not getting pure water these days. It is gutter water’. He replied: ‘You are again coming out with a hypothetical hurdle. You don’t keep polluted water in frig’. I said , ‘But what if we have no power? ‘ ‘ Put on your power generator. Now don’t say that what if diesel has been exhausted? There can be no end to your  hypothetical hurdles’,he laughed..wishing all readers a happy and SAFE Diwali.

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