Thursday, January 18, 2018
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 traffic jam allahabad

This was on the lips of a road-user at 3.30pm on Friday when I overheard him in a traffic jam near Niranjan. He was saying: ‘They were supposed to start a month-long traffic drive from today. And they have inflicted this on us?’

He said: ‘Don’t you see that the bifurcation of the road, that ensures one-way traffic, has been bypassed?’ That was so. The traffic from Civil Lines to Chowk was uncontrollable. It had swelled and spilt across the bifurcation line, making it rather impossible for vehicles going from chowk to Civil Lines to move even at a snail’s pace.
One expected that a cop would be posted at the point  where the bricked bifurcation starts. There was none around so that cars, scooters, cyclists, bikers were all crossing over the bricked barricade to encroach upon the passage meant for those coming from the opposite side.
The caliber of the traffic cops is tested here, at such spots, on such occasions  and not amid convent girls and boys  and their smiling lady teachers whom the Traffic SI tries to impress through those fruitless lectures on traffic rules on which the computer savvy students can give him a lesson or two. The next few festive days are going to provide a real testing time to cops. If they prove a failure what face would they have to lecture to the public on traffic rules?
Anyway, this does not prevent me from wishing all our dear cops, including especially the IG, the DIG and the SSP and SP(City) a very, very happy Diwali.

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