Thursday, January 18, 2018
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dr. o.p. bajaj warns

Dr O.P.Bajaj, veteran allopathic medico and Dr R.K.Kapoor, leading Homoeopath  of the city, have both asked the citizens to be cautious against the weather, against what they consume during the festival  and against inhaling the cracker-polluted  air as these could be very injurious for one’s health.

The two veterans warn that since the festive season will linger on for a few days more, crackers will continue to pollute the air and consumption of sweets too will go on at an unending speed.
 Dr O.P.Bajaj is particularly hard on the poor quality of sweets available in the market. He has warned citizens to be very careful while purchasing sweets as most of them are adulterated. He says,’After Diwali, the unsold stocks are disposed of at cheaper rates by the roadside sellers as they have to windup the show. It may be very dangerous to consume such sweets. He says: ‘Ask your servants, who usually patronise such shops, to be careful before buying those highly coloured stuff’ ‘ When I said their system might have by now built up immunity against such polluted stuff, he said, ‘That may be possible. But what if these products contain such stuff as can crash into all immunity?; He said, ‘These days the moment you put  any sweet in your mouth you  find the taste somewhat  odd.’. He said: ‘If you are not careful, you may have to be rushed to an ICU(Intensive Care Unit) in a hospital.’ The former Rotary Governor says, ‘I just cannot imagine  how even unlicensed sellers are allowed to set up temporary shops on roadsides, They are doing roaring business. How much of it is wholesome and how much poison can never be known because no raids are  conducted  against them’, he lamented.

Dr R.K.Kapoor  warned against respiratory disorders. These  'phuljaris' and 'anar' -- He didn’t  mean the human Romeos & Juliets --are really very, very dangerous as they  include highly toxic heavy metals like copper, lead, zinc, sodium and potassium. He said: ‘I warn readers that these  can trigger asthma and cause severe headaches and lung diseases, apart from chronic coughs. Dr kapoor says that even if the adverse effect is not immediately felt, within a few days it will invade one’s system if one is vulnerable to smoke. In other words, what he meant but didn’t say so was that you must keep away from these Romeos and Juliets among crackers. I told  Dr Kapoor that crackers labelled ‘Modi’  have been  very popular in this Diwali. Since you are advising against crackers, does it mean we must shun and avoid  ‘Modi’—I mean Modi crackers? Dr Kapoor had a hearty laugh  especially when I added:’But crackers, no matter how high and mighty they may be, ultimately end up in smoke’. He made no comment.

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